NOTE: PAGE NO LONGER UPDATED. For up to date package see:

pRRophetic is an R package for prediction of clinical chemotherapeutic response from only before treatment (baseline) tumor gene expression levels.

It can be dowloaded here.

To install the package, first install the dependencies. From the R prompt:

> source("")
> biocLite(c("car", "ridge", "preprocessCore", "genefilter", "sva"))
Then to download and install the package:
> download.file("", "pRRophetic.tar.gz")
> install.packages("pRRophetic.tar.gz", repos=NULL, type="source")

Package documentation/vignette

Details on how data (e.g. CGP expression data) were prepared.

Source code is available on GitHub:
Note: The required datafiles are not on GitHub, so please download the package from here!

Contact: paulgeeleher at gmail dot com